Specialized in the deep freezing of fruits and mushrooms, oriented to the new market requirements and customers’ needs, flexibility, acceptability and commitment make the FUNGO JUG company one of the top companies in the frozen food industry in Serbia.

FUNGO JUG concept:
Thanks to the long experience in the production, purchasing, processing, trade and delivery of the fruits, vegetables and mushrooms and continuous commitment to the concept of processing, our products keep the steady and successful market position.


Quality – our fundamental value
Quality is the must on today’s food market. The continuous delivery of the quality products is our top priority.
Product quality is always constant and is controlled during the whole process – from its purchasing to the delivery: it starts from the very picking of the fruits and continues during the processing by labeling and traceability of the product obeying strictly all the regulations and striving simultaneously for optimization of the processing system. Our system is certified by ISO 9001 (2000) HACCP in the area of purchasing, processing and selling of fruits and mushrooms. The fidelity of our customers gives our company the pleasure and entitles us to join them in their satisfaction.

Reliability is our principle and we do our best to be safe and reliable partner to our customers and suppliers.

Price policy
The cheapest doesn’t always mean the bargain. Our prices are always adjusted to the market trends while we keep the highest quality and performance of our products.

The capacity of our cold storage facility is approximately 1000tn. It is equipped with efficient devices for cooling, processing, selecting and packaging systems. The raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and plums are picked up from our own orchards of about 20 ha. We purchase the rest of the fruits from 100 approved suppliers whom we support in their production and contract. Our vehicles pick up wild berries and mushrooms daily from our gathering stations in Serbia and transport them to our cold storage facility. The quality control procedures are identical for both our own and suppliers’ products. Hygiene and cleanliness is the must for good quality product.
Our daily freezing capacity is more than 40tn, 20tn out of which are frozen with liquid nitrogen which preserves our products in the shortest possible period of time keeping their quality and freshness while the other 20tn are frozen in the static funnels with automatic monitoring of the temperature through time. The quantity of products to be purchased is controlled on daily basis in order to adjust it to our freezing and processing capacities and the labeling and traceability of the products enable us to avoid mistakes.
The strength of the company are the employees and their qualifications, continuous trainings as well as acquired knowledge and experience. With 35 employees in the production in charge for controlling and processing we finalize about 10tn of the finished products. The annual production is 3000tn.
Our product are packed in the blue PVC bags capacity from 0,5 up to 20 kg - or according to the requirements of our clients – then in stable  cardboard boxes or natron bags. Our packaging materials as well as our products are tested and optimized for use on Euro pallets for efficient loading and unloading. The transport to any cold storage in Europe safely, quickly and efficiently with constant temperature monitoring during the transport is performed by our contractors with whom we successfully have been cooperating for many years. There is also the warm food processing plant within our company where the mushrooms and fruit jams are produced for domestic market.

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